About us

A Heartfelt Gift For You was created with one simple goal in mind: to help people create the perfect personalised gift to truly express their love and affection.

Whether you’re looking for the ideal gift for that very special occasion or you just want to let someone know that you’re thinking of them, our Shadow Boxes are handmade to your specifications and desires so that you’ll always end up with a stunning, heartfelt gift for your loved one

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. From start to finish our process is designed to take the stress of gift-giving out of your hands, by helping you create something truly special without hours of work or having to break the bank. We pride ourselves on delivering quality to our customers and products that are designed to last and be treasured forever.

Although our personalised Shadow Boxes are our specialty, we also offer an extensive range of handmade Greeting Cards and Gift Tags to accompany your present and make the moment even more special for your recipient. 

meet angela

“When I was just six years old I can remember having my first encounter with a handmade gift that meant the world to me. I was a little blonde girl with two side ponytails, denim overalls, and red patent shoes, holding my father’s hand at a school fete, but even then I was intrigued by the colourful ribbons, bows and beautiful wrapping paper lying on a bench in front of a friendly looking woman who was busy wrapping gifts.

I was fascinated as I watched her skilfully construct handmade gift cards from odd shapes of paper and cardboard. She smiled warmly at me as she wrapped a china mug and then handed it to my father. I had no idea that he had pre-ordered the mug just for me.

The mug was beautiful but the memory of that woman, deftly creating those beautiful cards out of what appeared to be nothing but scrap paper, had such an impact on my adult life that I decided to follow in her footsteps and create original cards for every occasion. But of course the dream didn’t end there.

The bigger part of my dream was to create an individualised personal message, one that could be framed and hung on the wall for someone to look at and enjoy every day of their life. And thus ‘A Heartfelt Gift for You’ was born.

These Shadow Boxes are framed reminders of friendship and love, uniquely created to suit all people of all ages. And for those of us who grew up in the pre-computer age, playing Scrabble and other board games with our parents, friends and siblings, they evoke even more memories and an overarching sense of nostalgia.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find the perfect heartfelt gift.”