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We’ve absolutely loved our kitchen since the big rehab that we completed this past fall. It’s been amazing. But with a smaller square footage where we both work and take care of our family, space has been a little tight to come up with a clever command center. Sometimes, it’s nice to go with the basic things.

So since some of our items are still in storage. We thought we’d whip up something fun and easy. Homework season is just around the corner  and the kids love displaying their work. Here’s what we used:

  • glue gun + glue
  • paint brushes + craft paint
  • cork shapes here or here
  • magnets

This is so simple you should be embarrassed for us. We emptied out the cork shapes, and put them into layers.

Then we painted each one in fun contrasting colors, and laid each one out to dry. Once dry, we glued together each layer, adding the magnet last. A glue gun worked just fine for this. Though things aren’t quite as crazy for us this year as they were last we were hauling it across town daily to complete our renovation – looking back, I’m pretty sure the only thing that got us through it was sheer determination, and family who totally helps us out.

Necessary disclaimer: As always, if you are doing this with children, we recommend keeping the magnets out of reach until you have glued them on. They are dangerous if ingested and can pinch little fingers.

Tada! An easy afternoon project with the kids that works perfectly.

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