Another Year Older – Heartfelt Gift


We’re all about giving gifts from the heart, the type of gifts that make you feel warm and gooey inside knowing the effort somebody went to just to put a smile on your face. That’s why at A Heartfelt Gift For You we believe that no gift is ever truly complete without an accompanying Gift Card.

Just like our Shadow Boxes, all of our Gift Cards are lovingly made by hand and perfectly designed to allow you to express your own heartfelt sentiments. Our cards are made with high quality materials so that the recipient of your gift will be able to treasure it forever along with their Shadow Box.

We know that every person and occasion is special and unique, so just like every other aspect of your Heartfelt Gift journey, you get to make the decisions. We have an extensive range of beautifully handmade cards to choose from and just to make sure you never come up short we add in 10 new designs every month so there will always be something fresh to greet you. Our Gift Cards are thoughtfully designed to match our Gift Tags giving you the option to choose a matching set or mix-and-match as per your preference.

Our gorgeous designs start at only $6.00 to add to your purchase.


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